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When it comes to selecting someone to manage the accounts receivable and patients of your practice, it makes sense to choose a total full-service company who is a proven expert in medical billing. PRMC was founded, owned and managed by veteran medical business managers who provide the organization with experience and a vast knowledge of how an effective medical business office should operate. 

PRMC was founded in 2014, our beginning is a direct result of today’s healthcare reimbursement climate shifting to value. We provide a wide array of services including practice management, medical accounts receivables, coding, credentialing and consulting.  Our team makes the difference, having an extensive history of billing for hospital based groups as well as office settings.

PRMC is proactive throughout its operations and strives to support its physicians, conducting internal and external coding audits, providing contract review, as well as ongoing education for physicians and staff. Our proven aggressiveness with insurance carriers and self-pay patients, assure our clients of maximum reimbursement.

PRMC provides feedback to its physicians as to the thoroughness of their documentation in order to improve coding accuracy and clinical documentation.   We can help you to improve coding accuracy, identify and reduce areas of risk, discover untapped revenue, achieve regulatory compliance to assist on your pathway to success.

PRMC has structured our programs to meet your short term and long term needs. We can assume full responsibility for all facets of the accounts receivable process as well as your regulatory compliance needs. 

Our management fee is reflected as a percent of net collections. Factors which determine the fees:

  1. Specialized physician services.
  2. Physician’s practice patient population mix.
  3. Average charge per procedure.
  4. Average patient account balance, i.e. number of charges per patient which determines collection effort.
  5. Annual charges versus collectability for each physician specialty.
  6. Expense determination will include statements, forms, postage, collection letters and calls, employee(s) needed etc.
  7. Placement of a terminal in physician office so staff can check patient status in real time. This would necessitate a VPN connection in the office.
  8. Programming necessary to get interface of charges from current EMR to our billing system.
  9. The management fee is calculated as a percent of the NET collections of your practice; which means that refunds and return checks are subtracted from the gross collections to arrive at net collections.
  10. This fee includes consulting to assist in contract evaluations, credentialing and fee negotiations. 
  11. Standard monthly financial reports providing a complete picture of the practice as well as a summary of your business. Reports may be customized per the client’s request. 

Having a strong track record of accounts receivable management for with our groups means we can offer you the security that comes from doing business with a financially sound firm.  We’re here now and unlike many start-up vendors, we will be around tomorrow to give you the support you need.

Put our experience to work for you.

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Learn how outsourcing your medical billing can save you thousands of dollars each year and improve your cash flow!

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PRMC can help you with Physician credentialing and re-credentialing to make your practice more profitable!

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